Sep 21/20 – Graduations

Congratulations to the following graduate students who completed their degrees in 2020!

Isabell Hubert Lyall (PhD) – Isabell will be staying on at the lab as a post-doctoral fellow

Wenfu Bao (MSc) – Wenfu will pursue his PhD at U of T

Dalia Cristerna-Roman (MSc)

Feb 10/20 – New Students

We have a new group of students in Ling 375 and 475 honing their hands-on research skills:

Chloe Webb, Olivia Luces, Andrés Dorado Solarte, Ashton Freed, Tyler Schnoor, Lydia Samis, Anna Ryjenkova, and Taryn Yaceyko (375); Lindsay Chopiuk, Emily Matishak, and Natasha Daley (475)