Carolyn O’Meara (UNAM, Mexico)

This short but intensive course will provide you with basic background information regarding cross-cultural work looking into the relationship between language, culture and cognition. We will talk about what kinds of conceptual domains might lend themselves to this type of approach, possible research questions and also explore different methods that you can apply in a fieldwork setting among speakers of a lesser studied language. 

Course prerequisites: There are no specific prerequisites but it would be helpful to have basic knowledge of linguistics and psycholinguistics, and be interested in (and maybe familiar with) conducting research and collaborating with speakers of (indigenous) languages that are lesser studied and are typically marginalized with respect to “dominant” languages. 

Tentative schedule for sessions

Tuesday June 13
Background on previous studies and debates – from Boas to so-called “Neowhorfian effects”

Wednesday June 14
Research questions, possible conceptual domains of focus and methods 

Thursday June 15
Putting some methods to practice, as well as taking into consideration ethical and practical concerns and if we have time, complications in publishing this type of work