For LING 101/102 students looking to participate for research credit, please proceed to SONA

LING 375/475

These students are earning credit and getting hands-on experience running real experiments as well as learning about current experimental methods.

Winter 2020 students:

Chloe Webb, Olivia Luces, Andrés Dorado Solarte, Ashton Freed, Tyler Schnoor, Lydia Samis, Anna Ryjenkova, and Taryn Yaceyko (375); Lindsay Chopiuk, Emily Matishak, and Natasha Daley (475)

Fall 2019 students:

Brice Varghese, Sarah Fung, Madison Sundquist, Emily Matishak, Morgan Mcvittie, Zilai Wang, Aylish Anglin, Grace Hill, Natasha Daley, Emma Hughes, Lindsay Chopiuk, Aida Radu, Mackenzie Pearce, and Megan Bohach (375); Saham Dahir (475)