The PCIbex Farm, at, is a web platform serving two key functions: providing a simple coding interface for implementing experimental designs, and sharing the resulting experiments via web browser both for data collection and Open Science resource sharing. The platform builds on IBEX (Drummond, 2007), but expands its capabilities and makes a much wider range of tasks easily accessible through the PennController.js library; the new PCIbex Farm also offers an overhauled design interface and numerous new functionalities

PCIbex uses its own mini-language (requiring no JavaScript or other prior programming skills) that provides the flexibility to integrate a wide range of dynamic and interactive features in your experiments, including:

  • multimedia stimuli: images, audio and video
  • recording audio and video responses
  • eye-tracking via the WebGazer API (Papoutsaki et al., 2016)
  • self-paced reading
  • scripted/ timed events, dynamically unfolding trial structure
  • response feedback

The new user-friendly interface provides easy access to all main features on a single page, comes with various templates and allows easy import of existing projects. Experiments can be instantly shared via a link, with easy integration of a variety of recruitment platforms, (SONA, Prolific, Mechanical Turk). A (fully anonymous) ‘demonstration’ link facilitates public access to the actual experiment experience, e.g., during review and for readers of papers. It also comes with a link for cloning the experiment, with full access to underlying code and resources to promote Open Science practices, allowing for replication with a single click.

A more detailed 2-page overview of both the platform and the tutorial can be found here. For more details on usage and features, see the full documentation, as well as the support forum. Direct any questions on PCIbex or the workshop to Jeremy Zehr and Florian Schwarz at

Support the PCIbex farm:

Hosting of the new farm is made possible through generous support by MindCORE – Penn’s hub for the integrative study of the mind. Please consider making a donation to ensure long-term support of this setup, specifying ‘PCIbex’ under ‘special reason’ to designate the funds to support PCIbex hosting.