1. Do you have any suggestions for accommodation?

For several years STEP has partnered with St. Joseph’s college to provide low-cost, on-campus accommodation for STEP attendees. To find out more about this option, as well as other recommended accommodations, click here.


2. I am traveling from another country, what kind of documentation do I require?

You can find the information about traveling in Canada on the Government of Canada webpage, here.

If you require a letter of invitation, please contact us as soon as possible to ensure there is enough time to create and send the letter before the workshop. We will require the following information to create your letter of invitation:

-your name as it appears on your passport

-your address

-your phone number

-your source of financial support (e.g. home institution, independently funded, etc.)

-the form of the financial support (personal savings, salary, partial salary)


Please also be aware of the Government of Canada’s requirements for an Electronic Travel Authorization.


3. Is there any preparation I need to do before the workshop?

Some instructors may send out materials or readings in advance of the workshop. If so, you can expect to receive these about a week before the workshop. For the majority of courses, you will be provided with everything you need once you arrive.


4. Where can I find more information about the workshop, such as class locations and special events?

You will receive a STEP Information Booklet via email before the workshop, as well as a hard copy upon your registration on the first morning. This booklet will include all of the information you need for the workshop, as well as extra details about staying on campus, traveling in Edmonton, and recommended restaurants and activities.


5. Will I receive any kind of certificate for participating in STEP?

Yes, in your workshop package you will receive a certificate outlining your attendance at STEP, including which courses you were registered in.


6. Who do I contact about my questions or needs for STEP?

If you have any immediate concerns or questions, please contact Lauren Rudat at ccpling@ualberta.ca. You can also phone 1-780-492-7560.