We just moved! The Centre for Comparative Psycholinguistics facilities are located on the University of Alberta campus in 1-02 Assiniboia Hall. We are still unpacking and setting up, and will post more information and photos once we’re settled in.

Exterior view of 4 story red brick building

University of Alberta address: 114 Street 89 Ave

For more information on some of our equipment, click on the following links:



1-02 C – EEG and Eyetracking 1

This room is set up to collect EEG data, eyetracking, or both! Our Bio-Semi 64 channel EEG system lives here, as well as the EyeLink 1000 eyetracker with chin rest.

The researcher sits on the left side of the divider, where they control the EEG host, the EyeLink 1000 host, and the Participant computer. The participant sits on the right side of the divider, and views a mirrored monitor from the participant computer.

1-02 D – Multi-testing

We have five Windows desktop computers set up for running in-lab studies using PsychoPy, E-Prime, JsPsych, Google Forms, and others. Each station has headphones for auditory stimuli.

1-02 E – Sound Booth 1

This soundbooth is set up as a recording studio, with a Korg 1-bit studio recorder and Alesis MultiMix 8 sound mixer. The computer has a dual screen to present materials to the participant inside the soundbooth.

1-02 F – Eyetracking 2

This room houses the table mounted EyeLink 1000 plus eyetracking camera which can be used with or without a chin rest. The participant sits on the right side of the divider, to reduce distractions.

1-02 G – Eyetracking 3 and Sound Booth 2

Here we have a sound booth set up for someone to record themselves with a Fostex digital recorder and Røde microphone and pop-guard. It also hosts our mobile eyetracking kit (EyeLink Duo), primarily used for off-campus research with children.