CCP | Corpus-linguistic text processing with R
Corpus-linguistic text processing with R

Stefan Th. Gries (UC Santa Barbara & JLU Giessen)

This course will introduce basic corpus-linguistic analysis using the
open-source programming language R. We will cover basic data handling
and programming issues (general as well as corpus-linguistic ones),
fundamentals of regular expressions, and we will go over a variety of
small applications involving different kinds of raw and annotated
corpus data.


Gries, Stefan Th. Managing synchronic corpus data with the British National Corpus (BNC). In Andrea L. Berez-Kroeker, Brad McDonnell, Eve Koller, & Lauren Collister (eds.), MIT Open Handbook of Linguistic Data Management. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.

Gries, Stefan Th. & John Newman. 2013. Creating and using corpora. In Robert J. Podesva & Devyani Sharma (eds.), Research methods in linguistics, 257-287. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.